The little children of Britain need us to change things now

What kind of Britain do you want them to have when they grow up?


Righting past wrongs, punishing the abusers and getting redress for everything that they've done to us all for decades is only half the story. The other half of the project will be much more fun.

When we have honestly managed finances, the people's management of taxation and spending, an end to waging war, and fair business taxing and profit-sharing, we're going to discover that there's enough money there to have all sorts of good things that we didn't have access to before.

We need to decide on our priorities, and we need to make plans at local and regional levels to quantify and cost up all our wishes and desires.

What do you want to do when life isn't a struggle? What do you want your children and grandchildren to have when we get our money back from the bankers, financiers and tax-avoiding big businesses?

The Equal and Just Society Party pledges to create a land in which no-one is particularly bothered about winning the lottery because everyone's having a really nice life anyway. Tell us what you want that life to be like.

Let us know via the contact form, or if you become a member, you can get involved in more detail. We will build and publish a database of all the desires people have for a better society.

Then we'll start to turn those desires into policies, and together we can turn those policies into reality.