The corrupt Houses of Parliament


The Equal and Just Society Party has been established as a new British political party of opposition to the corruption and abuse in Westminster in our times.

With your help the party will become a national force for change, and there will be candidates in every ward at the next general election to challenge parliamentary corruption and bring about a government of decent, honest, professional people's representatives, who will turn the country around and bring prosperity and equality to our land.

There will be regional parties in Scotland, Wales, London and the English regions to oversee the development of local parties and branches.

We will work together to build our lists of grievances to redress and plans for the future, and candidates to stand for election in 2015 will be chosen locally by the people in each ward to be their genuine representatives.



We, the people of Britain, reject the idea that society is a matter of rulers and ruled, of bullies and victims, of rich frauds posturing over the swindled poor.

Those in government are in service to the nation, not in power over it. All people, without exception, are equal before the rule of law. Fraud is still crime, even when committed on a grand scale by governments. Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, bankers and financiers, military officers, all are subject to the law and will be prosecuted where they have been found to have committed crime.

Human rights are paramount, and human rights violations are unacceptable. Life is not a game of dominators and dominated, of winners who succeed by making others lose. Those with abusive personalities who have hijacked positions of responsibility and are playing power games with the country will be imprisoned, and their abuses will be stamped out.

Racist abuse is abhorrent, whether against immigrants at home or committed abroad. We do not identify ‘our’ group and then form up together to fight ‘their’ group. This includes waging unprovoked war: invasion of another country is war crime, and the criminals responsible must go to the international war crimes court.

Only in Fascist societies do leaders command and followers obey. Ours is not a Fascist society, and when we are told to obey abusive leaders, we oppose, remove and prosecute those leaders and those who would make us obey them.

We, the people of Britain, are in charge of Britain, and we are going to remove abuse and replace it with an Equal and Just Society.