We will prosecute Tony Blair and David Cameron for their crimes

Those in positions of responsibility are in service to the people and the country, not in power over them. When you form a government, you are required to govern responsibly. You can't just start helping yourself. That's as fraudulent in a government as it is in any organisation. Nor can you abuse the people of the land, force them into unnecessary struggle and poverty, trap and control them with punitive and dominating legislation, and suppress any protest and opposition. Prime Ministers have absolutely no authority whatsoever to do whatever they want irrespective of the concerns of law and the will of the electorate.

Lying to Parliament, the UN and the British people in order to get away with an illegal assault on a non-belligerent nation is to be prosecuted and punished. It is no less criminal than a gangster lying to people to get away with gangland assault on innocent victims. The fact that it was a leader doing the wrong is utterly irrelevant and unimportant: we do not find leaders more important, or subject to different rules.

We reject the leader principle. Everyone has always been equal before the law, even if society hasn't worked like that in practice. So you can't get away with something now because you were a leader then. If what you did was a crime at the time, the fact that you were in practice immune from prosecution then because of the leader principle doesn't prevent prosecution now, because the leader principle is not law.

Here are examples of crimes that we will prosecute:

  • Fraud by misuse of position;
  • Thieving, such as taking the people's money from the Treasury for profit;
  • Child abuse, such as forcing children into poverty;
  • Torture, including accessory to torture, and covering up for torture;
  • Lying to the UN, to parliament and to Britain to claim false justification for violent attack;
  • Breaking international law, such as invading a non-belligerent nation;
  • Perverting the course of justice;
  • War crimes.



Prosecuting the powerful when they commit crimes is something that doesn't happen under the leader principle. It is the case in British law that the leader principle does not hold in this country, and that instead we are all equal before the law. Furthermore, European human rights law and international treaty law all also hold.

Prime ministers, cabinet ministers, military officers, rich business magnates, banking chief executives and any other human being in this country can be prosecuted in court for crime, on an equal basis with the poor and powerless.

Fraud is fraud and murder is murder. The social status of the abuser doesn't make the slightest difference. We need to assert this in the courts now.

As for crimes that have been ignored in the past, no-one will 'get away with it'. An Equal and Just Society Party government will formally instigate an investigation into the actions of all the governments since 1979 (a good cut-off point, the beginning of modern times), to ascertain who committed crime. Anyone found to have done so will be prosecuted if still alive. There will be no 'soft landings' for anyone who leaves power or stops being protected by the leader principle.

(Find out more about the leader principle here.)



The rule of law exists to stop crime and punish criminals. But it has become expensive to do this. An Equal and Just Society Party government will ensure that legal representation is accessible to all who need it, including for taking the rich and powerful to court. But we have to stop the parliamentary abuse first and get a decent government into Westminster.

That means we have to assert the rule of law now, and challenge David Cameron and his gang members in the courts, while also finally bringing the much-needed and too-long-awaited prosecution of Tony Blair and his gang for war crimes.

The Equal and Just Society Party pledges that if it can raise enough funds to take Blair and Cameron to court, then it will do so.

If everyone who wants this to happen gives a fiver to the campaign, then those cases will be prosecuted. Give your fiver to make this happen here.

Enough is enough. We're sick of the unchecked rule of criminals. We're getting Britain back, and the 'leaders' who have betrayed us will go to jail.