The Scouring of the Shire that britain needs right now

Growing up in Britain today is anything but wonderful. Millions live in poverty, and those that don't live in a broken, uncultured, unclivilised land, with skinheadism as the cultural norm. The media is a lowest-common-denominator propaganda gang, relentlessly peddling racist rubbish and gossip as daily news across all the tabloids, magazines, and pop culture programmes online and on TV. There's so little outlet for creativity and fun as we struggle to keep warm and keep a roof over our children's heads. Abusers have hijacked Britain, and we need to take our country back.

The Harry Potter series was so hugely successful because it opened out a fantasy world in which childhood was magical, and everyone loved that idea. So why don't we make our children's lives magical? When we throw the abusers out of Parliament and put our representatives in there instead, and get our money back from the thieving banks, profiteering big businesses and gambling financiers, why don't we start making Britain wonderful?



When we take back control of the nation's finances, we'll discover there's a lot of money there, our money, money that for decades has simply been thieved. What will we do with our wealth when we get it back?

There are two areas in which we need to pool our data, one unhappy, the other much happier.

We must first of all put together a grievance list. They've been stealing our money and closing down our industries, our local amenities and kindergartens. The 'austerity cuts' have been fraudulent lying abuses, deliberately taking what people want away from all areas of life – from local council services to women's protection agencies, from hillwalkers' rescue organisations to college education, from astronomical telescopes to legal aid. Literally everything is under attack and being spoilt.

We need to make a list, and cost it up. It will come to much less than they've given to the banks, and that money we're going to take back. We need to know what's been closed down in Bristol, Sheffield, Glasgow, all over the land, from country villages to inner-city estates. We need to know how many people have lost out because of the removal of legal aid and by how much, how many people have lost their homes because of punitive mortgage payments and no job creation, and how much it will cost to help them back into decent housing.

We've got long memories, and we need to include everything since 1979. Recent documents accessed through the Freedom of Information Act show that Mrs Thatcher spent £1.2 billion of taxpayers' money on the practicalities of abusively breaking the miners' strike, money that, if shared out amongst mining communities, would have made a huge difference to impoverished families at the time. That's going on the list.

We will set up branches of the Equal and Just Society Party across the land, and build that huge database of wrongs that need righting, at local, regional and national levels. An Equal and Just Society Party government will then have the righting of all those past wrongs done to Britain as one of its top priorities.

Find out about the grievance database here, and send in your contributions.



A much more emotionally enjoyable part of the project is the list of all the good things we're going to have in society when we have honestly managed finances, the people's management of taxation and spending, an end to waging war, and fair business taxing and profit-sharing.

What kind of society do we want?

People queue up in their thousands for a chance to compete on TV shows, partly because that's the only visible way out of the poverty trap, and partly because there's no local music or other scene where they can contribute to and enjoy the expression of all the talent in this land. It won't cost much to change that across the country, with grants and facilities for music, drama, dance, clubs and societies, all sorts of activities.

What do you want there to be in Britain when your children or grandchildren grow up? Let's start making detailed plans.

Find out more here, and send in your wishes here.



People are so used to the struggle and drudgery of life that they often don't realise how much better it could be. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to work long hours all the days of your life to own your home. It is entirely possible to structure civilisation so that getting your own house is achievable for everyone much earlier than it is now, for a much more reasonable price, with no extortionate mortgage payments. People could free up more of their lives for fun much earlier than retirement age.

Married couples don't need to be tired and to never see each other. People don't need to be poor and suffering while looking at relentless celebrations of rich people in their TV programmes and magazines. Everyone could have the opportunity to learn music, art, hundreds of different sports and activities. Large areas of the countryside could be opened up for the enjoyment of all, there's no need for it to be all owned and fenced off.

Most things in our society could be improved, and some things need to be thrown out altogether, including all the offensive medievalism that's currently making a resurgence. Changing Britain doesn't just mean making the banks less fraudulent and investing in job creation in deprived areas. We'll do that, certainly, but what else could we do?

If we all come up with ideas, we might find that there are certain things that we all would really like in society that haven't been done before. So let's do those things! We don't have to keep the basic structures of life we've inherited and simply make them better managed. We could change things more radically than that.

No good change is unthinkable. What do you want?

We need to start talking together, and pooling our resources. There are lots of things we could do. To begin with, lets start building those national databases of abuses and future plans, to quantify the problem. Let's look at the legal situation and see what we can achieve in the courts before we take the legislation of our land back for ourselves. And let's create a detailed plan of action together, trade unions working on employment rights, economists on how practically to redo banking and finance, all of us coming up with ideas for giving our children a different and better Britain.

When we get our financial affairs back from the hands of thieves and frauds, we will discover that there's a lot of money available for a prosperous and happy Britain. We need to put together a detailed plan of expenditure. A national database of wrongs to right and good things to create, fully costed and practically planned for, will be taken to the electorate at the next election as the real alternative to continued abuse.

We already know about all the crimes that have been committed, from violence and murder to fraud and child abuse, from war crime to business corruption. None of this is in the courts at the moment, no-one powerful is being arrested. We need lawyers and human rights experts to put together real cases for the prosecution, and we need to go to court.

Let's look at the big picture, the development of civilisation over the last ten thousand years. What we've got now isn't good enough by a long way. What could be done better? Nothing is sacrosanct. Everything can be looked at. What could be improved? Send in your thoughts!

And let's get organised, with local groups getting to work across the land. They'll try to stop this, of course, but we can win if we stand together. The reason for the union movement in the first place was that a minority of abusers can break individuals, but not the whole workforce. It's not just working union we need now, its social union across the board. Everyone is being abused. All families are being thieved from.

We need to set up groups across the country, we need offices, and we need to raise funds. We'll need local online forums, and people to run all this. We need each other, and we need to get to work.

The Party needs you to join the movement and set up a local branch, then we'll start taking the fight to the abusers together.

We're going to get Britain back.