The corrupt Houses of Parliament

If you agree that it's time to stop the abusers, and replace them with public servants who are committed to behaving honestly and professionally as they help build a decent land, then this party is made for you. Join up, get involved, start organising things in your local area, and let everyone you know understand that the fightback has started.

If we all do this together, we will win. We don't need to be revolutionaries to get rid of the current pack of abusers and replace them with our genuine representatives, we just need to go to the polls in May 2015 and vote in candidates for the Equal and Just Society Party in every Parliamentary ward and Council seat.

We need financial experts to project manage the restructuring of the banking system. We need scientists, medics, conservationists, educationalists and  human rights lawyers. But above all, we need ordinary people in their local areas, parents seeing their children go without, members of the struggling British workforce, taxpayers angry about the fraudulent 'austerity measures', students forced into debt, the unemployed faced with no job creation and being accused of 'scrounging' because they've been denied a job by swindlers - all of us working together to plan what we're going to do when we win the next election.

You don't have to be a member of the party to join in with the fight against abuse, but you do have to be a member to attend party branch meetings, stand for election to any position within the party and as a council and parliamentary party candidate, and contribute to local, regional and national policy.

One thing must be said before we continue. Sadly, there has been a lot of unpleasant infiltration and undermining of opposition groups in our country by both private-profit 'security experts' and by police units (to their shame). There will also be those that want to hijack the movement for their own ends – as Tony Blair did with the Labour movement. For this reason, all members must agree to the 'good faith' document before signing up.

This document affirms that you are not a spy or undercover agent, and that you agree to pay the party a hefty fine if you turn out to be one. Everyone who is not a spy is unaffected by this!

Read the good faith declaration here.

If you agree with the Equal and Just Society Party's aims and objectives, and you are not a spy or infiltrator, then please:

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