a closed-down employment office


The people of Britain have been treated as the victims of abuse since 1979. Inequality has been deliberately created and intensified, with the rich becoming super-wealthy as poor families slide into despair.

Industry has been closed down, working rights have been removed, financial management has become unregulated fraud crime, and British culture and the media have been taken over by a small coterie from the far-right, leading to an impoverished, uncultured country of servants to criminal masters.

We are going to put an end to all this, and create the Britain that should have been developed over the last 35 years.

Every single piece of wrongdoing will be righted, every act of abuse will be punished, everywhere that we can identify the removal of jobs, financial security, children's opportunities and happy childhoods will be targeted for investment and renewal, with job creation, financial security and cultural development.

Industrial communities in shipbuilding towns, steeltowns and mining towns were deliberately targeted for impoverishment under Thatcherism simply for the enjoyment of victimising working people for the enrichment of the privileged set. Under Cameron, the scope has widened, and now every family is a target.

Tony Blair was supposed to put an end to Thatcherism, but he betrayed us, intensifying the abuse with US-style marketising of the NHS, universities, the immigration service, and much more besides. When the fraudulent banking system was exposed for a con, and nearly collapsed, Gordon Brown responded by defrauding the people of Britain, replacing the money the banks stole with money stolen from the Treasury, simply to ensure that banking fraud can continue unchecked.

How many lives have been blighted by failed estates, failed schooling, inability to afford college or university, joblessness in run-down areas, and family break-up due to poverty and struggle? We need to know.

They've been closing down everything that can't be turned into a profit game for the wealthy. Every remaining aspect of our lives has been turned into a market, from plastic recycling to college degree awarding institutions. Yet this has spoilt every aspect of society. How much damage has been done? We need the exact facts and figures.

The law has become too expensive for ordinary people to access, while regulation to prevent financial fraud and constraints on employers not to abuse the workforce have been deliberately removed. Yet unemployment means being a target for institutionalised abuse. Who has suffered without help? How many have gone under because their lives have been made unbearable by British governments?

We need to quantify all this, and cost up the project for turning it all around. We will then get the money from the taxation of big business and finance, billionaires who have escaped tax for decades, all the huge US companies that have been taking over our lives, and the nationalisation of all banking in Britain. And we will build a wonderful new country for our children and grandchildren to grow up in.

Let us know via the contact form what wrongdoing you want to see redressed, or if you become a member, you can get involved in more detail. We will build and publish a database of all the grievances people have concerning the wrongs that have been done to them.

An Equal and Just Society Party government will put things right.