The Scouring of the Shire that britain needs right now

We're building a national movement for change that will become a powerful nationwide force to replace abuse with an equal and just society. If you want to be a part of that movement, then there's a lot that you can help with.

You'll need to be a member to start or join a local party branch, but you don't have to be a paid-up party member to volunteer, get involved with local campaigns, or raise funds. If you want to do something but don't know who's in charge locally that you can contact, then whether or not you are a member please contact us via the Contact page so that we can put you in touch with the right people.



We will need people to give out information, run stalls, take information round the houses. Let people know about the fightback!

First of all, everyone in your local area needs to know about the party and what it stands for. Someone's going to have to get out there and tell them.

We'll need people to print off the party's information packs and give them out, set up stalls, and get people interested in joining. If you can give your time to help build the national movement at grassroots level, get in touch.



Every town and city district or rural region needs to have its own branch of the party, with its own office and finances, to manage the party's local presence and to find the right candidates for national and local elections.

The branch will need its own officers, its own website and will set up and run its own local campaigns. Are you the right person to be involved in this? Become a member and get in touch.



It simply isn't possible to run a national campaign on the cheap. At the very least, each local branch will need funds to run its offices and overheads, and the party will be asserting the rule of law against the abuse criminals at a local and regional level as well as with major national campaigns, and lawyers need to be paid for.

Local campaigns need local fundraisers - and you can support the national campaigns too. Events and gigs, websites and social media crowdfunding, if you've got a way of helping people to help us all get our futures back by donating to the cause then let's do it.

The vast majority of us want change, and if the vast majority of us all give a little amount, the result will be enough to win. Someone has to organise this in your area. How about you?



The party needs personnel, and it very importantly needs the right people to create the detailed policy framework we all need to rework Britain into an equal and just place. This will mean experts in banking and finance, as well as human rights lawyers, experts at preparing our cases for the prosecution, and all the conservationists, medical professionals, teachers and trade union campaigners that need to be given a real voice and a platform to set out their vision for the future.

To offer your expertise in law, finance or any other area of policy, please contact the party via the Contact page.

We want to hear from you!



The best way to get involved is to become a member and organise things in a structured way within your local branch.

You don't have to become a party member to support us, but if you want to get properly involved in elections and policy, then this is the way forward.

To find out about party membership go here.

And then tell everyone you know that the fightback has started!