Creating an equal and just Britain


Britain is in trouble. What can we do?

In a radio speech to the people of France on the 29th of January 1940, called ‘The Nazi’s Aim is Slavery’, Edouard Daladier said: “For us, there is more to do than merely win the war. We shall win it, but we must also win a victory far greater than that of arms. In this world of masters and slaves, which those madmen who rule at Berlin are seeking to forge, we must also save liberty and human dignity.”

The attack on liberty and human dignity has begun again, and we need to stop it now, before it’s too late. We must therefore reject the hierarchy and group principles, restore the principles of equality and the rule of law, and make lives better in all contexts, by sharing and building society together.

The principles of Equality and Justice are based on the understanding that the hierarchy principle and the group principle, the attitude of winners and losers, bullies and victims, are responsible for the injustice, corruption, thieving, lying, violence and human rights abuse that we find today in all parts of our broken land and in British behaviour abroad.

We understand the bully psychology of all this, the game of being the winner by making the others losers, and identify this as what we must oppose.

We will create a national political movement that is based on society building, co-operation, law and human rights, thought through with an intelligent understanding of ethics coupled with practical project management.

This will involve replacing the thieving of all the people’s money, the corrupt untrustworthy hierarchy, and the insistence that life must be a struggle of the many for the enrichment of the few. Instead of all this, we will get the people’s money back and use it to build a genuinely better Britain.

The children whose future is currently threatened require us to do this now. We have to give them a better Britain than this one. Now is the time to get together and build that decent future for our children and grandchildren. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

Another five years of this and we will be living in an increasingly totalitarian state, with an impoverished land under the yoke of violent thieves and bullies. We are nearly at that pass already. But there is still time. Parliamentary democracy and the rule of law have been hijacked, but not destroyed. They still exist and we can use them to get our country back.



The inequality of the hierarchy principle has pervaded every part of our land. Our towns and cities are becoming desperately shabby and run down, and the nation’s youth are being turned into a hoodie looter gang. We commit war crime abroad and race-hate crime at home.

Everyone who isn’t a member of the ‘elite’ is struggling to survive, and food handouts are springing up everywhere. The vast multi-million bonus scam organised for themselves by the bankers and financiers from the people’s money, making the people poor, has been rightly called obscene. And yet it just carries on.

Is it really true that we can do nothing about all this?

The fact is that we can do everything that we want to do about all this, and the next thing that we will do in British society is to organise the removal of the inequality and injustice of the hierarchy and group principles, and their replacement with equality and justice.

What we really have to change is the whole attitude towards civilisation in our land. The constant repetitive insistence on anti-immigrant, anti-poor people, anti-sick, anti-’ethnic’, anti-feminist, pro-macho competitive male winner approach that is agreed by Government and the press, and then given blanket saturation across the country, is really a minority attitude. Most of us don’t want that, or find it a Britishness to celebrate.

We need to be outspoken and organised in our support for and insistence on equality, decency, inclusiveness, civilised rules of behaviour at all times, including in low-paid workplaces and the benefits system, and in our opposition to the wrongdoing that is the Führerprinzip or leader principle, which allows those above to get away with dominating those below.

First of all we have to build a movement for social and political change that is unabashed and vocal in its love of equality, human rights, and welcoming multicultural inclusiveness.

But secondly, we need to project-manage practical change of attitude in this land. This will require, amongst many other things:

  • Debrainwashing: the removal of the teaching that foreigners are the ‘other’ to be feared and despised;
  • Legislation for working rights that removes the ability to abuse from the workplace;
  • A human rights charter that includes the unlawfulness of domination, bullying and subjection, so that we can establish in law with cases in the courts what can and can’t be got away with in life;
  • The complete freeing-up and restructuring of the media, so that no magnate deeply involved in government policy can control what we hear, know about or discuss;
  • The national curriculum to be reworked to include critical thinking and awareness of human abuse, so that a generation can grow up without being embedded in the control of abusers;
  • A major nationwide project for cultural renewal that gives people so much more to do, in such a richly interesting and fun society, that the attitudes of group violence and service to masters is considered utterly tedious by the people of the UK, whose prosperous lives are too happy for them to be interested in the stupid demands of would-be bullies.

It’s going to take a while to turn it all around. It might take a generation. But it’s possible. We don’t need to wait for total disaster and collapse before starting again, as had to happen in the Nazi, Fascist or Soviet states in the twentieth century. It requires all decent people to work together to achieve this, though. We really are the majority. But unless we unite in a practical way, the minority will continue to win the game that they want to play but we don’t.