Life is a struggle for most people, and for many it’s downright miserable. Food handouts are springing up all over the land, as families freeze through the long British winter because they can't afford to pay rich people for warmth. A nice home of your own is so expensive that people either don’t have one or spend all their lives at work paying for one. Work means working hard for the enrichment of others, while unemployment means terrible poverty. Yet those at the top are outrageously wealthy, posturing over the rest of the impoverished nation they have swindled.


British poverty: many failed British estates resemble prisons

Many impoverished British estates resemble prisons


Parents have to watch their children go without all the time as they grow up. Inequality and poverty are at Victorian levels, by the deliberate organisation of a self-styled ‘elite’. The banks are taking all the people’s money, and everyone hates this, but can do nothing about it. Society now consists of an unequal hierarchy jostling for power and wealth, and the result is a broken and impoverished country. Yet we are told to worship the ‘celebs’ who have all the fun, by a media whose entire agenda is under the control of a small number of owners who are part of the gang.

None of this is necessary! Britain is a wealthy nation, and we all pay enough tax to create a happy, prosperous society. It is the extraordinary truth that people have difficult lives because they are being thieved from. Nobody’s life is miserable and a struggle because life is miserable and a struggle. In fact, life could be great for everyone. If your life isn’t great it’s not because that’s the way of things, it’s because corrupt abusers have spoilt your life, taking money that should have been spent on you and on your children’s future, and made themselves wealthy with it instead. There is a bully-victim game going on, for the sake of the power and wealth of the abusers.

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and New Labour are all involved in this corruption and abuse, and it is these parties that need to be opposed.

The Equal and Just Society Party has been set up to provide the people of Britain with the organised opposition we need to put an end to the abuse and bring about a decent society.



British society has been deliberately restructured into a game of winners and losers. Basic needs of civilisation are denied to poor people, while those at the top have mansions. Those that can afford to get on the housing ladder have to work all their lives giving profits to business and banking shareholders and directors to be able to own the house they live in.

National job creation is non-existent and small British companies are closing down everywhere, while huge American companies dominate the High Street and pay no tax. The basic safety net is under attack, its increasing number of poor claimants abusively sneered at by those who are taking the nation’s money as ‘scroungers’ and frauds. But these attacks are vicious lies, published by a corrupt media in order to cover up for the fact that it is the government and the rich 'elite' that are the frauds.

Real, serious British poverty is increasing. UNICEF has warned that British children are in serious danger from the terrible long-term effects of poverty in the coming generation. According to UNICEF, 3.8 million children already live in poverty in the UK. This is one of the highest child poverty rates in the industrialised world, and it is an astonishing figure for a wealthy, technological 21st century society.

Many families are forced to live in nasty failed estates, riddled with crime, and nurturing hoodie looters. Yet the billionaire's rich-list is increasing all the time, and none of the owners of the vast corporations that have taken over our culture pay anything like enough tax – and what little tax money that does get paid is promptly given to the bankers!



The only reason why children live in poverty in our country today is because child abusers in government have forced them to. It is because of successive Conservative and New Labour governments that this vast number of British children are suffering. And the Liberal Democrats, who were supposed to be an alternative opposition to all this, have joined in, because being servants of the Conservatives gives them power, even if it only means power to abuse children.

We urgently have to create a new movement, one that is able to replace abuse with decency across the country and across all areas of government policy. And that’s what this new party is all about. It presents a new way of looking at society building, based on the principles of simple decency, but worked though with an understanding of humanity and real human abuse, and a practical approach to project-managing the development of a prosperous and happy land.

We're going to put an end to all the abuse, and prosecute the abusers. No-one is going to get away with what they're doing right now. We will uphold the rule of law, and stamp out the rule of bullies, criminal frauds and mass child abusers. Then we will look at every area of society that's been damaged over three decades, and we'll put everything right, giving the people of Britain the equal, prosperous land and happy lives that they should have had already.

Get involved! Read the manifesto, join the movement, and contribute your ideas about wrongs that need righting and grievances that need redress. We can do this together and win.

Set up a branch where you live, and let everyone know that the fightback has begun!

Let's get to work.


Photo of London Fields Estate by Julian Stallabrass