From the beginning of settled agricultural life in the Middle East in around 8000 BC, the idea has been to create a society in which we can all have the basics of warmth, food, shelter and safety. After this is secured, we can build better lives away from an animal existence.

This has been relentlessly hijacked throughout history for the benefit of groups and leaders, for the subjugation of people below a ruling hierarchy and for conflict between groups. But despite all the abuse of civilisation for power games and the expression of our baser instincts, progress has been made, especially in recent centuries, towards building genuinely good lives.

And everything that really makes our lives better than the primal state is a result of science and technology combined with co-operative sharing and society-building. In the profit and loss game, the leader principle at work in our country sees all this and thinks only of how to profit from it.

For example, we have the ability to solve the biggest problem in our latitude: surviving the winter. Even with the gulf stream, Britain is a cold place at the dark of the year. For thousands of years, people in these islands have suffered and died through poverty and the inability to stay warm when Britain freezes. In modern times, however, we have the scientific technology to enable all of us to be as warm as we need to be at all times. So why do people shiver in the cold, put on extra layers of clothing, or take to their beds when it freezes?

The answer is quite simply that energy suppliers are now deliberately overcharging customers by vast additional sums on top of their original large profit margins. Household gas prices in 2010 were four times the wholesale market price. Figures show that the profit margin has been rising continuously since then. In the winter of 2011-12, gas prices went up by around 20%. This is on top of the previous huge profits. The same thing is happening every year, and will continue unless we take our country back and put a stop to this.

So despite our technological civilisation, we have reached a place in our broken society where heating has become all about making millions from people who are struggling to afford it and who go cold rather than get into more debt, including families with children.

This is just one example. Everything in Britain is spoilt by this approach. The idea, in place since the 1980s, is that there is literally nothing but the profit and loss game, the scramble to be the winner by making the others lose. Your children, your home, your social life, all are commodities to be used for the enrichment of others. There is to be no such thing as society, no working together as civilised humans for the better lives of all humanity. We are going to spoil, and smash, and grab, we are going to take, and make others go without, and posture about saying what big winners we are as we trample the losers.

That’s the idea, and it has now been introduced into all areas of our lives without exception. That we still have free healthcare at the point of delivery in our hospitals is because it’s too difficult for the spoilers simply to smash the NHS and get re-elected. But they are slowly spoiling the NHS for profit, in a way designed not to be too obvious.

The same spoiling has happened more obviously in higher education, where students are now seen only as sources of profit. The removal of government funding of universities from tax money, the enforced debt burden on anyone wanting a degree who isn’t privileged, and the removal of regulations concerning who can and can’t be a university offering degrees, has now meant that higher education is a marketplace in which companies calling themselves universities compete to make a profit out of students by forcing them into serious life-damaging debt.

Having a home of your own is a profit and loss game. Yet there is nothing more basic than this, no more fundamental aspect of civilised living than settled communities, living in permanent, built homes, not transient caves, able to get on with other aspects of their lives because the need to find safe shelter for the night every night has been removed.

You can’t have this in our society except within the context of enriching other people at the expense of a lifetime of struggle for yourself. And if you become homeless, the system keeps you on the streets. There is no organised help and rescue for those in desperate trouble, because that would mean spending tax money on help, not on making a profit.

The government’s only approach to the natural world (such as woodland) has been to try to sell it off for a profit – even though they don’t own it in the first place. Our knowledge of this world has reached the point where our scientific understanding has opened up a new and stunning view of this vast and beautiful universe, and given us the ability to harness the forces of nature with amazing results, yet successive governments have ensured that if they can’t profit from science, they’ll close it down. There is to be nothing in this land that the ruling set can’t profit from. All areas of your life are to be sources of profit for them, or they are to be stamped on and stamped out.

This isn’t civilisation. The project that humanity has been on for ten thousand years has been comprehensively hijacked. We need to take it all back.

As an urgent first move, it’s important that we take the fundamentals of civilisation out of the winners and losers game. The basics of heating, food, safety, housing and childcare must all be removed from the profiteering approach. There must be a minimum life that everyone can have free access to, including warmth, housing and a supported childhood.

Our civilisation can enable a happy society without poverty and struggle. The technology, the infrastructure and the money are all there. We are being deliberately denied all this. The time to stop the abuse and build our civilisation properly is now.



Vast numbers of people buy lottery tickets every week in the desperate hope that they will win a million pounds, and be able to get out of poverty and into the happy life that only being a millionaire can bring.

The queues for auditions for talent shows are huge, because for so many being successful on these programmes is seen as a dream route out of the awfulness of daily life and into a celebrity world where everything is wonderful.

This is the result of abuse and it will stop now. We will create a society in which no-one is that bothered about winning the lottery because everyone’s having a really nice life anyway. That society could exist now, and the reason that it doesn’t is because of theft, fraud and abuse, by people we know whose crimes are public.

‘Keep calm and carry on’, we are ordered, as the nation is pillaged, and our children’s futures are destroyed. But we will not keep calm and carry on being victims of the bully game. We will put a stop to all this, and prosecute the ‘leaders’ who have committed these crimes.

Ending abuse and punishing the abusers is only one part of what we need to do, and it is the necessary opening to what will then become a major project of rebuilding the UK, indeed rebuilding civilisation once it has been freed from the attempted hijack of barbarism. The next stage in our project, after we’ve got our country back, is the part that’s going to be exciting and hugely enjoyable.

Firstly we need to establish our genuine representatives in every part of the land, standing for election in every ward in opposition to the whole bully-gang ‘elite’. The majority of people want an end to all the abuse, so we’ll win, and win by a huge landslide.

A government committed to equality and justice will then be in charge in Parliament, and will set about putting in years of work rebuilding the nation, redressing all the wrongs of the past and fulfilling all the desires for the future of all the families in the land.