The objectives of The Equal and Just Society Party are to achieve the following:

    1. Full equality under the rule of law, not domination of any individual or group, with local and national politicians being managers constrained by law, not leaders who lord it over others;

    2. A prosperous nation whose wealth is managed professionally and accountably in honest and honourable banking and Treasury spending;

    3. Every child having a rich and fun childhood, having a happy time while getting a high-quality education without drudgery or stress, with no inequality between children;

    4. So much investment in industry and job creation that school-leavers and graduates can choose to be what they want to be;

    5. A high standard of living for all, wonderful places to live, a vibrant culture, a huge variety of lifestyles available, all within reach of everyone;

    6. Housing, bills and basic living expenses all as affordable as it is possible to make them, so that people’s lives are made as easy as our current technology allows;

    7. A cultured and multicultured land, with a populace knowledgeable about and interested in other groups, languages and traditions, where immigrants and foreign visitors are welcomed and celebrated;

    8. The end of warmongering and the celebration of fighters and attackers, of gun crime committed by gangsters and soldiers, and instead a nation committed to peace and the ending of violence at home and abroad;

    9. Government and the apparatus of state being not about control, rule, games-playing for power and profit and making people’s lives hard work, but real representation of the people and professional management of the country for everyone’s benefit.

The aim of the Equal and Just Society Party is therefore to form a government that will, through its legislation, create a Britain that:

    (a) is genuinely equal in financial opportunity, availability of a decent home, safety, education, health, legal protection, and chance of life fulfilment and happiness, with the minimum standards of civilisation available to all people at all times, as fully as possible insofar as human society can be so organised given the limitations of human nature;

    (b) is organised according to the rule of law, not of Parliament, Prime Minister or Royal Family, such that all people in Britain, including Prime Ministers, are equal before the law;

    (c) operates according to detailed principles of human rights that will be declared as binding and foundational to our civilisation and its rule of law;

    (d) rejects the leader principle and the psychology of the group, and declares that they have no place in the ordering and management of our society; and

    (e) is fully inclusive and multi-cultural, welcoming foreigners and immigrants, and celebrating many different cultures, traditions, languages and ideas.

This will include:

    (f) legislation that asserts and upholds the co-operative equality principle of society against the hierarchy and group inequality principles;

    g) replacing the winners-and-losers game that has permeated every aspect of Britain with the intelligent organising and managing of a decent society;

    (h) replacing a Fascist concept of Britishness with a real celebration of a decent, inclusive, interesting and just Britain;

    (i) behaving honourably in the world, correcting past wrongs, and opposing evil, not joining in.