Enough is enough. The fightback has begun. We're getting Britain back.



When Theresa May offers the country 'strong leadership', what she is offering is Fascism. We do not want to be ruled by a strong leader. We want an equal and just society.

Civilisation is being replaced by a bully-victim game. When David Cameron was Prime Minister, desperate families wrote to him pleading with him to help them, but instead he turned the screw. We are all being made victims of abuse.

The struggle today is not against 'capitalism', which must be smashed and replaced with 'socialism'. That's the Marxist belief and it's wrong. Our struggle is against criminal abusers in power over us. We must replace them and their unequal unjust society with the principles of civilisation.

The idea that the leader is what is important, in an unequal hierarchical society where laws are orders given by those in power, was called the Führerprinzip in Nazi Germany. In the current election, all the focus is on who will be the best leader. We reject this. We will have the rule of law and the protection of Human Rights, in a society based on equality and justice. And because no-one is offering us this, we will make it happen ourselves.



The Equal and Just Society Movement is the new organisation that will save us from the rule of abusers, and will replace this with a genuinely equal, prosperous, cultured society operating under the rule of law and Human Rights.

Together we can build an unstoppable movement to end the fraud crimes and the bully-victim game, and to get our children's futures back from the hands of parliamentary child abusers.

Enough is enough. Let's get Britain back.



The Equal and Just Society Movement has a detailed, 87,000-word manifesto for change, that identifies what's gone wrong and sets out how to make things right.

One reason why no-one has been opposing the abuse in any organised way is that to do so effectively we need a new political philosophy with a worked-out approach concerning what to replace the abuse with. This has meant that while there is a united national desire to be rid of all the abusers and to replace them with something decent, there hasn’t been anything decent available and ready to replace the abuse with.

That’s what the manifesto is all about. It presents a new way of looking at society building, based on the principles of equality and the rule of law, but worked through with an understanding of humanity and what human wrongdoing consists of, and a practical approach to project-managing the development of a prosperous and contented country.

Find out more, and get the manifesto here



The project needs to be paid for, but everyone is struggling. Most of us can't afford to spend money on what we want, even on a campaign to get our country's money back from the frauds in power.

The EJSM has launched a 'give a fiver to stop the abuse' campaign. If everyone who hates all the wrongdoing in Britain gives £5, then that will add up to enough money to create a powerful national movement for change. None of us has the money or power to do this on our own. Together we can be unstoppable.

Go here to give your fiver and support the fight for equality and justice.



The law will send Tony Blair and David Cameron to jail.

We have the rule of law in this land, not the rule of abusers. People like Tony Blair and David Cameron don't seem to understand this. They have been operating from the attitude of the leader principle, asserting that whoever's in charge can do what they want.

We reject this attitude. If you are in a position of leadership, and you use that position to commit crime, then you go to jail. If you are in government then you are a public servant. You are not above the law.

That includes Prime Ministers who commit war crime and fraud. It is the case that Tony Blair has committed terrible crimes, as has Jack Straw. Many others were involved too. Cameron's 'austerity measures' are deliberate fraud crimes, that he commits while attacking and insulting the poor and the sick in legislation and the press, all the while using his position to steal Britain's money for the enrichment of his set. Theresa May plans to use her power to create a Fascist society, spoiling the lives of the poor and vulnerable while posturing over her abuse victims as a 'strong leader'.

The Equal and Just Society Movement is committed to prosecuting 'leaders' who commit crimes. To contribute £5 to our legal funds to successfully bring these cases to court, please go here and support the rule of law.



The Equal and Just Society Movement needs you to help create a decent future for all our children and grandchildren.

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Together we will be unstoppable.




Image of the Houses of Parliament by Maurice, released under the Creative Commons licence.